ArenaNet Execute Guild Wars 2 Hacker

What punishment would you find fitting for those that seek enjoyment through the misery of others? Well, a death sentence may appear a little severe at first glance but that didn’t stop Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet from making a shining example of a player found to be cheating the system in the award-winning MMO. Guild Wars 2 user DarkSide had been accused of using several hacked accounts that provided many an unfair advantage such as the ability to teleport throughout the world of Guild Wars 2, and deal devastating damage to players without fear of consequence.

The saying proved true today as yet another cheater did not prosper with ArenaNet finding it fitting to see DarkSide’s next login attempt greeted by a forced suicide and stripped account. One of the staff involved posted a video to YouTube after taking control of the account, stripping it clean of clothing and leaping to sure doom. Then the developers logged out and deleted the account for good measure.

“We don’t need to see it in-game. Sometimes good video evidence is enough for me to track down who it was. In this case, the video was enough for me to find out who it was and take action.”
Chris Cleary, a Game Security Lead at ArenaNet


Guild Wars 2 Desert Borderlands Stress Test Detailed


ArenaNet today announced an exciting event to whet the appetite of the Guild Wars 2 community as they send out the first wave of WvW invitations for the highly anticipated Desert Borderlands. Although the initial batch of invitations are low in quantity the developers have promised to issue more invites as time goes on. They also mentioned plans to stream elements of the Desert Borderlands content as time passes.

The Desert Borderlands WvW content is part of the upcoming Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion, with this initial test focusing primarily on the stability of the content and systems in place. ArenaNet also took the opportunity to clarify future methods for public tests. The Stronghold Player vs. Player public beta tests will be open to all Guild Wars 2 players without any sign-up or requirements necessary.

Finally, players were informed that the WvW Borderlands tests are limited in nature and will be accessible via an entirely different client. For more information check out the link below.


Report that WOW Movie to Premiere in June 2016

Good news! Word of Warcraft Release Date Confirmated, let’s follow steps to reading the detail:

The accurate adaptation of ‘Cheap World of Warcraft Gold,’ the badly accepted online role-playing bold developed by Blizzard has been delayed by three months. Now, the ballsy big-screen cine will be appear in June 2016, instead of March 2016.

According to Christian Today, ‘World of Warcraft’ is directed by Duncan Jones, who was beforehand at the captain of notable science fiction films like ‘Moon’ and ‘Source Code.’ The accomplished director, ambassador and biographer will now adventure into the absolute aeon of warfare amid orcs and humans.

Latest address accompaniment that the filming as able-bodied as assembly for ‘World of Warcraft’ has been completed continued aback and even promotional posters accept been appear to aggravate admirers with bastard peeks of the film’s characters. Moreover, the producers accept provided the admirers with abundant advice apropos the cast.

The abridgment of the accessible cine states that the ‘Vikings’ amateur Travis Fimmel, who portrays the appearance of Sir Anduin Lothar, will advance the bodies adjoin the orcs. Sir Anduin Lothar is declared as an ever-steadfast and absorbing charlatan who is consistently abreast to accumulate the commonwealth out of any harm.

Dominic Cooper portrays the appearance of King Llane Wrynn, the Stormwind leader. Ben Foster appears as Alliance’s guardian Medivh, who wields ample power, while Ben Schnetzer plays the role of Khadgar, and Ruth Negga as Lady Taria.

As far as the Hordes as concerned, Toby Kebbell, who recently appeared in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,’ will portray the character of Durotan, the stately chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, who spends his life fighting for his family and people against the Shadow Council, which is driven by vendetta.

Rob Kazinsky will play the role of Durotan’s massively powerful right hand Orgrim Doomhammer, who also wields the orc legend weapon Doomhammer. Clancy Brown will portray the character of Blackhand, a war chief dreaded by many, while Daniel Wu is Gul’Dan a supreme orc ruler that wields dark magic, which is beyond his control. In addition, Paula Patton will play the iron-willed survivor Garona.

Garrison Preview Details Followers


The third in a series of articles to provide information about garrisons has appeared on the World of Warcraft site. Garrisons will arrive with the Warlords of Draenor expansion due out next month and followers will play a major role in the game.

Once your Garrison starts to come together, with a Barracks up and running, you’ll encounter your first Follower and send him on his first mission. You’ll use the command table in the Garrison to activate the Followers window, which allows you to manage your Followers. Therein, you’ll have a searchable list of all Followers available to you in the game and all of the information you need to work with them: their class, spec, quality, abilities, traits, level, xp needed to reach next level, and what they’re currently up to. Followers can level up to 100 just like you can, and you’ll want to level them up, as each Follower becomes more powerful as she gains levels.

While you aren’t restricted from collecting as many Followers as you like, your Garrison can only operate properly with a maximum of 20 active Followers (this number is increased to 25 if your Garrison features a level 3 Barracks). Followers can be inactivated to maintain the total population you’re going for, and inactive Followers don’t forfeit any of their experience while waiting for you to activate them again later.