FIFA 15 top winger Neymar capacity evaluation 14 card Neymar dataexplanation


FIFA Online3 14 card winger data or who is big? In my opinion the biggest gainsthan Neymar, it is no exaggeration to say, Neymar, I think in the game is the firstleft winger, why recommend right winger ~ because the left wing is the mule.Next we will look at the FIFA Coins season card top winger Neymar capacity evaluation.

He said: “I spent my fast than no faster than I did me flowers.” The top right winger Neymar capacity evaluation!

He is a representative of the American shrines and hope. He is probably the bestplayer in history, a technological marvel, a wizard magic feet.

The following 14 card, a comprehensive analysis on less ~

The player is introduced

Neymar was born in Brazil City, St Paul Prefecture, friction Jidasike ruiz.Inherited his father’s old name of Da Silva Neymar. His father is a formerprofessional soccer player, was Neymar’s first coach, which makes his footballtalent rapid display.

The growth trajectory and many Brazil players, Neymar also went from a street football to the indoor football to professional football road. At the age of 6, he was the coach Betty Neo discovered, become the master and apprentice, began the practice of Futsal soccer. Neymar’s quick thinking, in a short period of time to react, fast rhythm, dribble, shot, due to the small space in a five man acceptedexperience. Brazilians like Futsal, worship footwork good player, the source inthe pursuit of freedom and happiness. It can be said that Futsal gives birth toNeymar.

The landlord for Neymar in the FIFA Coins Online introduction

Neymar in the game 10 years card membership Santos, 13, 14 card attached to the Barcelona, the landlord as right winger position mainly by Neymar, its characteristics are summarized as: quick, flowers, quasi.

Fast: Neymar is very fast and the 13 card in the initial attribute is acceleratedspeed of 82, 85, 74 ball speed, can reach 101104,93 at level 20, in the gamespeed attributes although not the fastest but also very top.

Flower: Neymar fancy moves is a 5 star, can use all the fancy moves, flank in thebreakthrough, the main use of the landlord is to cross a bowstring, heels clackingball to the change, and the Bengbu cyclotron.

Quasi: Neymar shot the initial 79, take the hidden attributes of talent, ZD is veryaccurate, after cutting the top of the arc ZD 100 percent of the time.

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