FIFA 15: No Pro-Club mode for load-Gen Update


Meanwhile, the latest question for Pro-Club mode has of fifa 15 coins released. We now know that you can gamble mode with up to 22 other players – but only on the platforms on which it also indicates the mode.

Original message:

The countdown to the release of FIFA 15 is in full swing. There are only nine days left until the subscribers of EA Access the full version trial gamble and only 14 to the retail version is available in stores.

So you also do not lose sight of the Fifa ultimate team coins release date, EA has the three days before demo of FIFA 15 released. But this comes forcibly sparse and far from sufficient not to hold the inclined FIFA fan for two weeks in a good mood.

The Fanboy raises the question of how he should spend only the tough days until the release. “By reading news” is our answer and present again the details for Pro-Club mode of FIFA 15 , which are not only for the unconditional FIFA buyer interest.

Xbox 360 and the PS3 out in the cold

Before embarking on the features of the Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 15 received, we come to the Job’s message for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners to speak:

The Pro-Club mode will pass by the old console generation and in terms of the stationary consoles, be only playable on the Xbox One and the PS4.

The new customization options of the Pros

The Pro-Club mode , a revised edition of the Be-A-Pro mode , it allows you to create your own player. So far, so well known, but EA promises that one more individual experts from the baptism can raise this year. From the Elfmeter- and kick animations on the running style, right through to goal celebrations should be able to adjust everything to your own wishes.

Granted, this confused with the Torjubel me a little, but is for some years the individual celebrations integral part of the series. Otherwise it is according to the latest message in FIFA 15 does not run. To what extent the use of goal celebrations in the mode per club will change, is from the blog post of EA and not seen since does not help the Verlautung that ” examples of goal celebrations are now also visible in menu “will be.

The new features in multiplayer mode from the Pro Club in FIFA 15

Even with the online component of the beat mode in FIFA 15 only detail changes, but could these minimal changes to improve user friendliness properly.

For the football saying “after the game is before the game” should be taken literally in the online mode. Did you play a game, start FIFA 15 directly the countdown to the next game search, without the change the positions or the team captain. While waiting, you can look at the statistics of the last game, or throw updates from the world of real football a look at the Live.

In a similar vein as the new circular structure proposed in FIFA 15 , the feature of the Scouts . With its help, you can right real teammates for their own club found by their statistics and performance progress compare with each other.

The unanswered questions of the Pro Clubs

In addition to the comparatively trivial matter, the celebration, the important questions a series, with how many players the mode will be fully playable, and if you will be back this year to 11-to-11 contest games. So far EA has not asked this question.

More releases for the game can be found in the Review of FIFA 15 – above all the articles on the career mode. Here you will find articles on the EA game modes from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 15th

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