APB: Reloaded Xbox arriving an Xbox Live Gold membership

The Xbox Live Gold members welcome today as an exciting addition to the award-winning free-to-play online shooter customized Jianye crazy level: Reloaded, makes its official debut in the video game market. Ravenscourt Reloaded game today brings open-world action MMO to the Xbox as an entirely free games, play and download, anyone have Xbox Live Gold members.

Although rock release, shut down and re-released, and it’s time to release many changes APB: Reloaded attracted participants from all over the world more than 5.5 million players to create and customize ten million unique character, total more than 40 million hours, the game strong versatile authoring tool.

To celebrate the release of APB Xbox: Reloaded Ravenscourt and Reloaded game has announced the release of APB Xbox founder of a package – which will give all players set free gifts, just log in at least once in the game before launch 30 days. Package goods, including fireworks flare start, Mikro JC14 Penal vehicle “New Cross” and enforce cars ‘Bobcat’ Vaquero PRC40

Xbox balls of a MMO delay

The crystal grew brighter until a beam of gold fire exploded from the stone, lancing over the larvae. The tiny grubs squirmed, their skin melting and bubbling under the heat.

West mochi franchise Xbox fans are looking forward to sampling a free-to-play MMO developer Cyberstep announced next week, but today, the game will be postponed, due to the last minute “scheduling problems.” According to the announcement it will not be long delayed, though they have not provided information about a new official release date.

Onigiri was originally intended to participate in a fight in Xbox supreme Elder Scrolls MMO Neverwinter Online and next week, but today’s announcement can see it launch at a later date. Japanese mythology heavy inspiration, rice has a cute cartoon under development bizarre enemies and action-based RPG game. Game since its launch in November 2014 following an impressive collection, but has not made a mark for Western audiences.

Pokemon Revolution Online is a wonderful fan-made MMO

There are in the works for a new Pokémon MMO project, and again it’s a fan to do. Pokemon Revolution Online Pokémon fans are some of the game (in the November 15, 2014 the members of) the name under study, it will be free-to-play, in a custom engine running.

Our goal is to be in with what we know and love the main Pokémon game, and join a network gaming environment, some familiar mechanical balance. The first public release in January 2015 is currently in beta (and eventually called a full version), still being updated to Kanto, Sevii Islands, Johto, and more than a dozen games custom fields, as well as works Hoenn and Orange Islands . Pokémon revolutionary online program is an evolving game, frequently updated, like most successful gaming yes.The high arakkoa nodded as he perched atop a fallen tree. The Outcast took a seat on a small tree stump nearby, wiping soot from his face.

Pokemon Revolution Online looks lovely, kind and charming retro graphics, Pokémon players are accustomed to, and seems to have rich functionality. Our main concern is usually such a fan of the project – will it live or Nintendo actually go all out to stop the Japanese studio and an end to this game? Let us hope that the Pokémon Revolution online and have the opportunity to realize their potential fans Pokémon MMO real desire – this is probably the closest ever have this.and Reshad wondered about his intentions. Iskar had always been somewhat obsessed with
power, a byproduct of his personal history.

Eyedentity Mobile announced EXOS Saga

allegiance, as do the Starks, your brother Renly, and all the rest. You are their one true king. It would not be fitting to plead and bargain with them for what is rightfully yours by the grace of god.

Eyedentity move seize the opportunity to announce that after their next project, Shanda announced the establishment of the studio, and then plans to bring them more mobile games to Western markets. They announced today in a news release that EXOS Saga will give Android and iOS soon, sponsored by cherry credits. EXOS Saga is Eyedentity phone lineup based, real-time combat tactical RPG. According to the press release, with “silky smooth animation” and “distributed in 13 different categories, more than 150 heroes” have four skills of active, passive, or final varieties.

Unlike many mobile RPG game, EXOS Saga is divided into several modes. There is a “long” mission mode, players will experience the legendary story EXOS. This is a PVP arena, daily dungeon, and praised the “team collaboration features epic BOSS battle screen size.”

EXOS Saga is currently in a soft launch phase select countries. The team cited the 70 percent daily player retention. After launch, they intend to be in the game worldwide in more than 120 countries. This may SEA official version, but it will be elsewhere, as well.

For more information, the team currently has only one Facebook page. Supplied video is unofficial as official assets yet to be released.

Heroes of the Storm reveal next hero Rexxar

Be that as it may, my lord, Maester Cressen said gently. Great wrongs have been done you, but the past is dust. The
future may yet be won if you join with the Starks. There are others you might sound out as well. What of Lady Arryn? If the queen murdered her husband, surely she will want justice for him. She has a young son, Jon Arryn’s heir. If you were to betroth Shireen to him.

Blizzard Entertainment’s jumper MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, reveals all the details of a new video highlights their upcoming Hero- Rexxar- of. Orc half ogre came in as a trait- Misha attack as his two heroes -! Toggle its permanent companion Bear attack a target or to return to the hunter side. Although the range, Rexxar full warrior archetype and stun abilities and tank Misha.

Misha, Charge! – Is his amazing ability, which will lead to Misha playing straight – damage and stunning all enemies charging. This allows Misha a fierce brawler, can draw the enemy’s anger, which led to his next move, therapy pet Warcraft hunter signature tool to another world. This makes the Lexus Sa constantly heal Misha has a low cooling time in the battle, let her wear and switch tactics to use to attack Misha!

Misha is not Rexxar unique pet, because the spirit of the third basic ability Rexxar appears, leading hawk in a straight line – damage and slowing the enemy dive for a few seconds.

The first hero is the ability Rexxar Warcraft icon- wild Wrath- another world, leading to Mischa became enraged This greatly increases her attack damage, make her a significant threat on the battlefield. His second hero is “released boar”, praised his Boar- Hoover, release for every enemy within range and damage, slowing all enemies and show wild boar.

Broken Spirit: Templar Changes in TESO

There’s been plenty of discussion in the TESO community discussing recent changes made to Restoring Spirit, a core Templar class mechanic for magicka sustainability. As a veteran rank Templar player in the PTS closed beta test, I wanted to try to shed some light on the issue by sharing my experience with the class and the drastic change it has underwent following the nerf. I made my way to Reddit and shared the following:

It’s hard to explain to people who don’t have experience in 50+ content, but I’ll give it a go anyway. The Templar is by far the most magicka dependent class, due primarily to it being balanced around its ability to constantly heal itself. Where the Dragonknight, Sorcerer, and Nightblade all have tools that give them tankiness, AoE CC, or long-duration buffs that aren’t magicka intensive to help them survive. The Templar is pretty much forced to heal constantly to stay alive, and this has lead to them having magicka consumption miles beyond that of the other classes.

Restoring Spirit was the only source of magicka management for the class (for those that don’t know, it was changed from restoring 4% of maximum magicka on cast to a 4% reduction to all ability costs – effectively a 90-95% nerf to its power), and without it, the most magicka intensive class in the game is the only one left without any way to regenerate magicka.

As it stands, it is near impossible to even do solo quests on a Templar in 50+ content. I have died to a pack of three mobs even after using Nova on them (though this was a particularly hard pull with some user error involved).

So the logical question at this point is was the passive OP to begin with? I don’t think it was, but I’m also a heavy armor Templar (though I have pushed magicka regen beyond overcharge after the most recent patch to no avail). Given that Restoring Spirit was a scaling % based on maximum magicka, it seems logical that at some point, it would become overpowered, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that that point had been reached by full light armor Breton/Altmer VR10 Templars stacking magicka well beyond the overcharge point.

The change to fix this would have been simple though – to make it a flat amount of magicka restored that scaled with level. In this way, magicka gained through Restoring Spirit would have always been exactly what the developers wanted it to be, and not subject to exploit by players. This knee-jerk and poorly thought out balance change has completely ruined the class.

You may think this is hyperbole, but well, it isn’t (I have provided a few screenshots of feedback from the PTS forums that the OP has edited into this thread on Tamriel Foundry. It’s important to keep in mind that in 50+/++ content, combat is much harder than it is in the leveling experience, especially when compared to what people have experienced in the weekend betas. Personally, I love this and I think that it’s great, but this is the reason that Templars are having to spam heals to begin with.

One final note is that some players have taken issue with the fact that Templars could use Restoring Spirit to recharge magicka by using stamina abilities. I would like to point out that this is something Sorcerers can already do with Dark Exchange, and that this was basically the only reason a Templar ever had to equip a stamina weapon, due to the lack of any abilities like Surge/Haste/Molten Weapons.

The strangest part is that no one in the PTS has ever thought this needed to be nerfed in the first place. I’ve never heard anyone say that Templars were overpowered, and the class has always been greatly overshadowed by the godlike Dragonknights and more than competent Sorcerers.

Many Templar players, particularly those not using light armor builds, have declared that the sky is falling and the class is ruined. While hyperbolic, it’s also not completely off the mark, either. Balance changes are a regular part of every MMO, especially during the closed beta; while the changes made are drastic and horrible, I find it hard to believe that we won’t see them addressed in some form before the game goes live. Don’t panic. If you want to play a Templar, I’m sure the class will soon be returned to an enjoyable and pleasurable balanced state.

Social Features and the Future of Landmark

Having finally gotten some experience with Landmark, I have to say I’m quite impressed with how much fun I’ve been having while playing it. I’m not even particularly interested in building games; in fact, this is my first foray into one. I’m one of the many MMO players who ventured into Landmark looking for a taste of Everquest: Next, only to be unwittingly tricked into enjoying myself along the way. It’s not that surprising in a way. Landmark isn’t just a building game, after all; it’s an MMO as well. However, it does have a long way to go on that front.

It’s no surprise that the MMO features in Landmark are currently lacking, and this is by no means meant to be taken as a criticism; it would make no sense for them to have developed those features first without the game’s core building mechanics in place. That said, the building aspects of the game are starting to look pretty good, so at this point, I’d like to take a look at what the future may hold for Landmark‘s guild and social features – these are the parts that will really bring it into its own as an MMO, and take it to a level beyond that of an overcrowded building game.

The above is the opening of an article I just published at EQNexus. Continue on if it interests you! As usual, writing I do on other sites is cataloged on the Outside Writings page if you ever need to find it again.

RTS Inspired MOBA Supernova is Entering Closed Beta Today

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America announces that Supernova, a real-time strategy inspired MOBA, is entering Closed Beta today. With the CBT, Supernova is also introducing a new melee brawler and commander, Targon.

Targon is a powerful, ax wielding fighter who can deal serious damage to his enemies and comes from a race of minotaur-like creatures called Aurocs who inhabit the planet Therion. When the legion of Faceless captured the Aurocs as servants for the Faceless homeworld, Targon proved to be a vicious and brutal brawler that got the attention of the Pit Boss, who gave him the title of The Arena’s new Gaoler. After a riot ensued, Targon became a prime target for angry, escaped slave gladiators. Barely fleeing with his life, Targon bought passage on a mercenary ship headed to battle in a faraway system where the ship’s captain offered Targon a chance to be a soldier, which he immediately accepted.


TI5 Preview: Favourites, Wildcards and Dark Horses

The International is just a few days away and the groups have been announced, so it’s time to take a quick look at some of the favourites, the wildcards and dark horses. In a tournament with so much on the line and so many incredible teams in the field, it is harder than normal to get any idea of how the teams will fair. You’ll probably have to get quite lucky with your main event compendium predictions but here is a feel for what to expect.

The fact that Team Secret is nearly unanimously considered to be the favourite to win TI5 should be a surprise to no one. They are coming into this tournament off the back of 4 consecutive LAN victories with a stable roster that has had plenty of time to practice. SInce their reshuffle, picking up Arteezy and zai, the already allstar team has looked more or less unstoppable.

However, with that said, every team in Seattle knows their record. They are the ones to beat. The close competition like Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses and, to a lesser extent, Invictus Gaming will have been practising specifically for Secret. After the ESL One Frankfurt between EG and Secret, ppd is likely to be thinking that they are the one barrier to their International victory. It’s no secret that Puppey’s allstar line up are the favourites, but can they actually convert hype into victory?

With the runners up in all of the regional qualifers getting a chance to make it to the groupstages and the main event, the wildcard tournament is an interesting part of the tournament to watch. Two of the teams in the bracket will be able to make it to the main event, giving teams that people may underate a chance to shine. Back at TI3, Team Liquid almost made the qualifying dream come true, so always be ready to see what these teams have to offer.

In the European qualifiers Vega Squadron looked very solid and only just managed to lose to Na’Vi after the former TI winners made a huge comeback. In the EU scene they are just under Team Empire and Virtus.Pro in some of their aggressive tactics and execution. With former Team Empire offlaner Mag as a core part of the team, they have the experience and drive to try and compete with certainly the other EU teams and SEA/China threats in the wildcard. If they can run over the farming style of the likes of CDEC they have a good chance to make it to the main event and show what they’ve got.

There is a running joke that Cloud 9 are fated for 2nd place in every LAN event they take part in. Whilst it is true that they have taken the runner up spot in many tournaments, that actually speaks positively for their record and consistency. They have a very solid line up with the additions of N0tail and MiSery as an experienced support duo. They have ironed out some of the recklessness that was present in the days of SingSing’s mid plays and coordinated as a team effectively.

They have arguably taken this TI more seriously than former ones, as they have been bootcamping for what looks like much longer than the other teams in Seattle. They are surely planning strategies for the big teams like Secret, VG and EG. If they have a few favourable match ups that they can take competently there is no reason for them to not have a decent finish, if not compete for the top spot.


Crafting with Variable Stat Materials


After the widespread popularity of my Crowfall overview, I thought the natural thing to do would be to follow-up with something niche and wonkish that only like, three people will care about – so let’s get to it!

As you are all likely already aware, back in 2003, Star Wars Galaxies set the bar for what an MMO crafting system could do, and that bar hasn’t really been raised since then. Today’s topic is just one of the many crafting mechanics that made the game’s system great that I’d like to see reborn in Crowfall – variable stat material use.

To really explain why this system worked so well, I’ll need to provide a little background on a few of the relevant facets of Star Wars Galaxies‘ crafting system. Here’s a quick TL;DR on the the important details:

Basically every item in the game was crafted, would eventually need to be repaired, and, after several repairs, replaced (decay in SWG is a whole beast on its own – here’s a quick run down if you’re curious).
Much like Crowfall‘s one character per campaign rule, you were limited to one character per server – crafters were doing it as their full-time profession, not as a side-profession on an alt.
Crafters could mark crafted items with their name, and would sell items using searchable NPC vendors placed in the game’s extensive open-world player housing.
Crafting materials were found by exploring with a surveying tool looking for procedurally generated resource spawns. The locations and concentrations of those resources changed with time, so you would have to look for new spots once your old one ran dry.
Item crafting included very flexible recipes, as each required only a certain resource type for each required material. Several individual resources would meet this type requirement and each of these would provide different pros and cons for the stats on the final item (variations in damage, range, attack speed, decay rate, etc…).
In addition to the above, Star Wars Galaxies also included the topical system – variable stat materials:

Raw materials had stats – so, for a Crowfall example, iron ore that you mine might have statistical ratings for its toughness, malleability, maybe a magical property or two – I’m not sure (full disclosure – I am not a blacksmith IRL). This is the underlying reason for the varying effect of different materials on the final item’s stats.
Those stats could differ between materials of the same type. In other words, not every iron ore was the same.
All resources harvested from the same spawn would have the same stats (disclaimer – I could actually be wrong on this, but as differing stats prevented stacking, this would have been wildly inconvenient).
Resource stacks of differing stats could be blended at a crafting station to average out the resource’s stats, making it usable for crafting if you didn’t have enough of a matching stack to meet the recipe’s requirements.

As you can see, each specific resource type has quite the range of variation. On top of that, the recipes were often not very specific. Some recipes would call for siliclastic ore, but others would only require sedimentary ore, which included siliclastic and carbonate ores. Other, broader recipes might even only require low grade ore, which included sedimentary, carbonate, and igneous ores, all with their own sub-categories of ores. If you haven’t gotten it yet – Star Wars Galaxies had an extremely deep crafting system.

Perfectly rolled resources were incredibly rare and equally valuable, creating a system where it wasn’t just about finding the right type of material, but which specific material of that type was right for the item you wanted. There were a lot of options when you wanted something crafted, and it rarely boiled down to one clear choice.

There were a few great benefits to all of this. Primarily, because of the many combinations of materials going into creating a finished piece of gear, the odds of two crafters creating the exact same item was very low, creating a market environment where every item being sold was just a little bit different. In a system where every item is unique, not only is it possible for a crafter to really make a name for themselves, but it’s almost necessary to keep track of them so you can go back when you need another – and with the decay system, you would need another.

On top of this, gathering and supply chain procurement became a game all on its own, as all of the depth added to item creation affected them as well. If they couldn’t gain access to those nodes themselves, crafters looking to create items with specific stats would want to seek out other players with harvesters on the right resource nodes to negotiate an agreement for those materials.

Why we might not get it

I’m no programming expert (or even a programming novice, for that matter), but if I’ve ever heard of anything that I think would create a lot of work in database design and administration, a system wherein every resource and every item is basically unique takes the cake. While this likely wouldn’t be much of a strain on server load (due to it, by my wild guess, not having too much of an effect on the number of database calls that would need to be performed, as it wouldn’t have to be referenced regularly in combat), it does have the potential to be a lot of work to both implement and keep running.

That said, if Star Wars Galaxies could pull it off in 2003, I have a hard time believing that Crowfall can’t pull it off a decade and a half later. Plus, procedural generation of resource spawns is a good and natural fit for Crowfall‘s already procedurally generated campaign worlds. Here’s hoping!


Reddit user /u/Ceridith made an excellent post on /r/MMORPG detailing one of the potential downsides of a variable stat material based crafting system that I neglected to address. The post is worth reading in its entirety, but here’s a quick excerpt:

Variable stat crafting means that the crafting system is much more complex. Not only in the actual design, but in the amount of effort players need to put into crafting to make worthwhile items.

Then of course there’s the balancing aspect of it all. How much effort should be expected of players to invest into making decent items? Once they can make those items, how powerful are they against the rest of the game?

If you have a steep enough difficulty curve with a payoff in line with that, you can get into severe power scaling issues. Which, as cool as SWG’s crafting system was, it was incredibly broken in this respect. Composite armor sets with 90%+ damage reduction existed in SWG. Which while yes, the best armor sets were ridiculously expensive and rare, they were also incredibly unbalancing in both PvE and PvP. And then of course let’s not forget doctor buffs, which the top tier buffs could more than quadruple player’s stat pools and regeneration rates.

As gear power rises in an MMORPG, increased potential for extreme customization can greatly exacerbate the balance disparity between varying gear setups. This is something that the balance team would have to spend time working to address, and is another way in which the implementation of such a system would lead to increased development costs. Is it still worth it? In the right game, I believe so.

With regard to Crowfall specifically, the team has marketed the game as having a flatter gear curve than what players are used to in most games. Ideally, this would be a significant mitigating factor that would help to stave off any balance issues that a variable stat material crafting system could introduce. Thanks again to /u/Ceridith for contributing to the discussion.

Check out Crafting with Variable Stat Materials, Part II: Community Roundup Edition for more discussion on how a variable stat crafting material system could be implemented within Crowfall.