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2013 achievements and Turkey for Thanksgiving small pets get strategy of warcraft. this year (2013) the duration of the warcraft Thanksgiving is: 25 November – December 2nd. Oh ~ Do remember online to do your achievements.

Thanksgiving Day will open! The duration of this year’s Thanks Giving Day (2013) : 25 November – December 2nd.

The interesting Thanks giving Day achat wow po! In this festival, you can enjoy the fun of cooking, in this Thanksgiving holiday to remember to do more good things.

Complete all the Thanksgiving achievements can get “gratitude” title and Fat Turkey non-combat pets!

The turkeys themselves automatically into the base camp fire roast by herself!

Banquet table, get strong holiday BUFF (popularity for speed increased by 10%)

Dinner table is the center of gravity place of the Thanksgiving celebration. This is a full of food and the interaction between the chairs around the table. You can see the quick column to enjoy and share food with other players

Dinner table will be put on five different cooking food, each one kind of food is put before a chair, you can unlimitedly take the food in front of your chair. These seats can easily let you identify the types of food: seats for TangXin sweet potatoes, for Slow roast Turkey, for Spice Bread Stuffing, for Cranberry sauce and for Pumpkin pie.

When you sit on the seat, you can enjoy your favorite foods. And can distribute your food to the other players near your seat to share the festival feast With your friends.

If you eat any food in the five kinds of food, you will get the food provided special gain effect. In addition, if you eat all of the five kinds of food, you will get Share the soul of special effects. Within an hour you can increase your prestige value 10%. If you share each other’s friends and table at the same table food, get this buff will be faster.

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