The latest patch New Haven hard disk player and a fireplace Batty

Disenfranchised players dismayed by the new business model may still criticize Jorb and Loftar name, but not from the update at a great speed game to stop them. Today’s update added offline healing, choking injury, when you run out of strength underwater, and bats, which players are not too happy.”Send word to Garrosh that we have found the culprit, and the situation will be dealt with.”

As you can see from the thread, many players are complaining that bats are too powerful and too frequent. Where there is controversy, a well-lit room or cave with fire will keep them away, but most seem to think that bats are maddening, and even took over a player’s house. Jorb has promised to consider the current implementation of the bat, but I will not be much change in a sense, if at all. I suspect that most declared that “half the player base,” the deaths can be attributed to the new artificial intelligence monster learning also happens to swarm behavior patterns associated with growing pains.”I shall be staying in my old quarters at Bloodhoof Village for a few days. Update me as soon as you can.” Baine then turned to his messenger.

Also included in this update is a note, they will change the payment provider, PayPal from Xsolla. This is done because some countries, such as Russia, can not reliably buy from the store, they had to resort to the industry at the forum.

This patch also received a $ 5 game nurses caps can be purchased to support the patch, like discrete event suck flag from the last patch. Unfortunately, no one took a shot in the game yourself wearing it, but also you can see it’s a 2D image in the link above.