The second confirmed Guild Wars 2 profession


The second confirmed guild wars 2 gold ideal profession has been released, with six more waiting in the wings. The warrior profession is a re-envisioning of thisiconic choicewhere themelee classgets a little more diverse piece of the color pie. The warrior in Guild Wars is a mainstay throughout every type of gameplay. They are known for their durability and constant damage output in the first Guild Wars, and in Guild Wars 2, I dont think they will disappoint.

First, the adrenaline mechanic has been streamlined. In Guild Wars 1, the adrenaline skills worked like batteries. Each hit filled each skill with one adrenaline strike. Once a skill was full of adrenaline, the skill could be used and that skill loses all adrenaline buildup. Except that every other adrenaline skill lost one adrenaline strike. For such an iconic class, this created a tad more complexity than what I feel was warranted. Compared to World of Warcrafts warrior rage or Lord of the Rings Onlines champion fervour, finding a skill rhythm was a little harder.

In Guild Wars 2, the adrenaline skills have been reduced to a burst skill which depletes all adrenaline when used, and this brings the adrenaline mechanic more in line with say Street Fighters buildup bar or Final Fantasys limit break. There is a twist thoughin that a warrior is stronger when filled with adrenaline. It seems to bea more elegant mechanic with roughly the same effect as the adrenaline mechanic of old.Warriors also get skill chains, which seem more like Aions skill chain mechanic than an assassins branching skill chain, where a single skill slot changes according to where it is in a chain.Stances too have been turned into static effects without duration, but they lower energy regeneration when turned on.

The warrior profession also gets a little diversified with the use of static banners, which complement the prevailing shouts, and the warrior finds new use with a longbow. Except in typically bold warrior fashion, the arrows are big and fiery instead of some pinpointed snare (for a wussy ranger). Watching the amazing skill videos too, it seems that the warrior is extremely mobile throughout the fights. I hate in MMOs when enemies run away (especially in LOTRO with my ranged-gimped Captain), but I would love to quickly switch to a flaming longbow bazooka to fire at their cowardly backs. Or an elephant-gun sized rifle thatd work.

Ill be honest. Ive never really enjoyed playing a warrior in guild wars 2 gold kopen. I like playing utility classes like a necromancer or ritualist, where my options are far and wide and require a lot of battlefield awareness. However, the freshly-painted warrior in Guild Wars 2 sounds right up my alley. I would love to create a warrior-captain filled with shouts and banners to inspire the allies around, and a brash flaming longbow to round things out. That sounds like a frontline melee class, I would like to play.