Aeria Games’ latest free to play MMORPG, Echo of Soul, has officially launched on Steam. Almost two days into the Steam launch now, the reviews are coming in mixed with some of the items pointed out in our First Look video being called out as negative items (such as gender locking, a sometimes silly camera, and repetitive gameplay), while positive reviewers tend to see a more traditional MMORPG, low kill count quests, and nice single player and co-op dungeon options as positive features.

Issues with the Echo of Soul client being denied by certain anti-virus software suites seems to still be an issue and Aeria Games has posted on Steam a message about getting around that issue and why it happens.

Echo of Soul features five classes with which to explore the game’s world: the Warrior, a fearsome knight; the Archer, an enigmatic songbird; the Rogue, a solitary assassin; the Guardian, a warden of nature; and the Sorceress, a master of ice and fire spells. Content wise there are currently over 1,600 quests, PvP, and 60 party and Solo dungeons to explore.

Check it out and let us know what you think!