Global ecological survival game released PVP challenging target

Ecosystem Survival simulation MMO, ecology, land ownership is approaching its milestone, right tax and $ 150,000 for the building. In view of this, they have updated their $ 200,000 milestone, including a PVP criminal justice system.But, if they are under new leadership, perhaps we can negotiate with them this time.”

This is an interesting system, the full consequences of the “no effect” of a genre – Players will create a legal, rather than destroy them automatically allow player, the system will allow players to kill witnesses and uniforms for them. For example … if elk hunting became illegal, and players have to hunt elk in another player of the visual range, the player will become a crime witness. Witnesses also reported that they saw a crime other players as they witness this also marks the facts. Any player will be able to kill the witness sign the player, put them in.

May mean that the actual game from fines to jail was opened in what … for the worst infractions- controversial ‘death penalty’, which is a permanent exile from the server and delete roles.I’ve never seen quilboar so well-organized before.” Baine grew thoughtful. “One obstacle to our peace in Mulgore was always the stubborn quilboar threat. My father could never open a dialogue with them.

Players can also redeem the points for forensic skills to examine the crime scene, and to trace the offender regardless of whether they are in their own home or asleep Internet.These are quilboar, but better armed. See the armor on that one? It is a patchwork of various Horde designs.