Eyedentity Mobile announced EXOS Saga

allegiance, as do the Starks, your brother Renly, and all the rest. You are their one true king. It would not be fitting to plead and bargain with them for what is rightfully yours by the grace of god.

Eyedentity move seize the opportunity to announce that after their next project, Shanda announced the establishment of the studio, and then plans to bring them more mobile games to Western markets. They announced today in a news release that EXOS Saga will give Android and iOS soon, sponsored by cherry credits. EXOS Saga is Eyedentity phone lineup based, real-time combat tactical RPG. According to the press release, with “silky smooth animation” and “distributed in 13 different categories, more than 150 heroes” have four skills of active, passive, or final varieties.

Unlike many mobile RPG game, EXOS Saga is divided into several modes. There is a “long” mission mode, players will experience the legendary story EXOS. This is a PVP arena, daily dungeon, and praised the “team collaboration features epic BOSS battle screen size.”

EXOS Saga is currently in a soft launch phase select countries. The team cited the 70 percent daily player retention. After launch, they intend to be in the game worldwide in more than 120 countries. This may SEA official version, but it will be elsewhere, as well.

For more information, the team currently has only one Facebook page. Supplied video is unofficial as official assets yet to be released.