APB: Reloaded Xbox arriving an Xbox Live Gold membership

The Xbox Live Gold members welcome today as an exciting addition to the award-winning free-to-play online shooter customized Jianye crazy level: Reloaded, makes its official debut in the video game market. Ravenscourt Reloaded game today brings open-world action MMO to the Xbox as an entirely free games, play and download, anyone have Xbox Live Gold members.

Although rock release, shut down and re-released, and it’s time to release many changes APB: Reloaded attracted participants from all over the world more than 5.5 million players to create and customize ten million unique character, total more than 40 million hours, the game strong versatile authoring tool.

To celebrate the release of APB Xbox: Reloaded Ravenscourt and Reloaded game has announced the release of APB Xbox founder of a package – which will give all players set free gifts, just log in at least once in the game before launch 30 days. Package goods, including fireworks flare start, Mikro JC14 Penal vehicle “New Cross” and enforce cars ‘Bobcat’ Vaquero PRC40