UPDATE: According to MMORPG.com, a user by the name of Darthem may have figured out what Trion is teasing. Now, the connection is made simply by the artwork Trion Worlds used on their teaser site, but the match is pretty much dead on. If correct, it looks like Trion Worlds could be bringing Devilian Online to the west. Devilian Online is more akin to a Diablo type game with MMO elements thrown in. Take a look at some YouTube videos of gameplay from overseas and let us know what you think!

Not much to report here but according to Trion Worlds’ Twitter, something is brewing in the darkness. We don’t have any confirmation but a new website seems to be setting the stage for a new game or new content update of some type.

Called “Devil Inside You,” the webpage features a dark demonic creature and the quote “In the shadows’ dying light let the devils guide our flight.”

New game? Free to play? New content for an existing IP? Let the speculation begin!