Pokemon Revolution Online is a wonderful fan-made MMO

There are in the works for a new Pokémon MMO project, and again it’s a fan to do. Pokemon Revolution Online Pokémon fans are some of the game (in the November 15, 2014 the members of) the name under study, it will be free-to-play, in a custom engine running.

Our goal is to be in with what we know and love the main Pokémon game, and join a network gaming environment, some familiar mechanical balance. The first public release in January 2015 is currently in beta (and eventually called a full version), still being updated to Kanto, Sevii Islands, Johto, and more than a dozen games custom fields, as well as works Hoenn and Orange Islands . Pokémon revolutionary online program is an evolving game, frequently updated, like most successful gaming yes.The high arakkoa nodded as he perched atop a fallen tree. The Outcast took a seat on a small tree stump nearby, wiping soot from his face.

Pokemon Revolution Online looks lovely, kind and charming retro graphics, Pokémon players are accustomed to, and seems to have rich functionality. Our main concern is usually such a fan of the project – will it live or Nintendo actually go all out to stop the Japanese studio and an end to this game? Let us hope that the Pokémon Revolution online and have the opportunity to realize their potential fans Pokémon MMO real desire – this is probably the closest ever have this.and Reshad wondered about his intentions. Iskar had always been somewhat obsessed with
power, a byproduct of his personal history.

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